Monday, July 15, 2013

5 Thoughts: Florida v. Zimmerman

I'm still a bit numb to fully organize my thoughts in reaction to the verdict in Florida v. Zimmerman, but the following points were the first ones to come to my mind:
  • Court cases -- whether criminal or civil -- aren't decided on the basis of what's believed or felt; they're decided on what can be proven
  • race was merely a subtext to this tragedy
  • George Zimmerman claimed self-defense, not 'stand your ground'
  • 'profiling', when done by an individual, is legal, commonplace, and a normative human behavior
  • society's cynics, nihilists, and demagogues see Zimmerman's acquittal as their cue to promote their personal agendas at the cost of trivializing Trayvon Martin's life and killing.

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